Episode Steven Stamkos (91): Pre-Trade Deadline Action. Mike podcasts from an airport.

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Episode Summary:

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Song: Nice and Easy

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Episode Joe Juneau (90): Pete’s Back!!! Will the Habs trade PK Subban? Trade Deadline: who will be active?

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Episode Summary:

  • Pete tells about his illnesses and how good it is to be back on the podcast.
  • What would it take for the Montreal Canadiens to trade PK Subban?
  • It seems that PK and Michel Therrien can not live together – who will be the survivor and who will be voted off the island?
  • The Oilers are sinking fast and should be very active leading up to the deadline.
  • What other teams will be active either buying or selling.
  • The Tampa Bay Lightning announce that Stamkos is not going to be traded.
  • QP What rule would you change?

Intro / Outro Music Artist: The Flamin’ Groovies Song: Let Me Rock


Radko Gudas Hit

Therrien / PK Subban incident


Joe Juneau Hockey Reference Page


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Question Period: If you could change, add or remove one NHL rule, what would it be?

Is there a rule that drives you mad and you’d like abolished?

Is there a tweak to a current rule you think would make a huge difference?

Is there a completely new rule you’d like to see that would completely change the game for the better?

Let us know! 

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Episode Alexander Mogilny (89):Special Guest host Dale Hoard. Mike Yeo Fired. Leafs Trade Dion

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Episode Summary:

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Frozen Face-Off Website showing all rink designs.  www.frozenfaceoff.net

Sittler’s 10 points:

McDavid’s 5 points:

Gagner’s 8 points:


Question Period: Should the NHL Stop the Tank?

For this week’s Question Period, we want to know:

Should the NHL do more to curb the tank strategy?  If so, how would you do it?

Comment on this post with your ideas, send an email to scuttlepuck@gmail.com, Tweet at @13mike31 or @petesvo and use the hashtag #spqp or comment on our Facebook page.

Episode Eric Lindros (88): Connor McDavid Returns!! Florida Panthers analysis with Thomas Krulikowski

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Episode Summary:

  • Mike welcomes Thomas Krulikowski back to ScuttlePuck
  • We deliberate on Pete’s rehab
  • Discussion of Carey Price and the fate of the Montreal Canadiens
  • All Star Game surprises with a fun, competitive event
  • Thomas presents a great idea for next Year’s NHL All Star Game
  • NHL.com gets a refresh, and it is not good
  • The NHL comes down hard on Dennis Wideman
  • Connor McDavid is still good at hockey
  • Deep Dive into the Florida Panthers surprising season
  • Question Period: If you could pick one NHL team to play for, who would it be?




Welcome Back Connor!

McDavid Between the legs attempt


Intro/Outro Music Artist: The Pleasure Kills Song: Mission Boy

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Question Period: With your choice, what NHL Team would you play for?

For this week’s Question Period, tell us, if you could play for any NHL team who would you play for?  And, more importantly why?

What would you look for in your dream organization?  Would you look for a great city?  Great teammates? Smart leadership?  A good coach? A big paycheque? A chance to win the Stanley Cup? Let us know how you would select your team.

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