Episode Josh Ho-Sang (166): Rob Vollman Author of Hockey Abstract Returns!

Rob Vollman, author of the Hockey Abstract and writer for NHL.com joins us to tell us what the stats say about teams and players  going into this season. Pete throws some Oilers trivia at Mike.

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  • Opening banter


  • Rob Vollman schools us on hockey stats and tells us what we should expect for the coming season. Click the here to order your copy of Hockey Abstract from Amazon or order directly from the Hockey Abstract site here.
  • The NHL changes the rules for offside challenges and icing.
  • The Athletic goes BIG!
  • Oilers trivia



Intro/Outro Music Artist: DeCreek


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ScuttlePuck Episode 11: NHL Eastern Conference Predictions. NHL Expansion?

In this week’s episode, Pete and I make our predictions for the National Hockey League’s Eastern Conference.  We also add a prediction based solely on last season’s Fenwick stats.  We discuss possible NHL expansion into Seattle and the sustainability of the Florida ScuttlepuckLogo_smlPanthers. The extraskater.com website went down this week and we speculate on reasons why.  The question for our listeners is who will win the Connor McDavid / Jack Eichel sweepstakes (ie. finish last in the NHL).  Send tweets using #scuttlepuck or email scuttlepuck@gmail.com.

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ScuttlePuck Episode 10: PK Subban signing, Tyler Dellow hiring

ScuttlePuck Episode 10: In this episode, Pete and Mike discuss PK Subban’s $72MM dollar deal with the Montreal Canadiens.  Also, in the Summer of Analytics,  Tyler Dellow, was hired by the Edmonton Oilers, Sunny Mehta by the New Jersey Devils and Eric Tulsky by some mystery team.  Pete honours the life of Robin Williams and we have some preliminary discussions about who is going to win the Connor MacDavid sweepstakes. ScuttlepuckLogo_sml

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ScuttlePuck Episode 9: PK Subban and Habs go to arbitration


We did the podcast on Friday due to holiday schedules.  PK had gone to arbitration but no deal was done yet. Pete proves to have a  remarkably clear crystal ball.

We also discussed Jake Gardiner signing with the Leafs and what that shows of the changes to their front office. Robin Lehner signs with the Senators.

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ScuttlePuck Episode 8: Leafs Hire Dubas, Mike does BBQ, Pete talks Habs

ScuttlepuckLogo_smlIn this week’s episode of ScuttlePuck, I podcast outside from the shores of Sturgeon Lake, while cooking up some Texas style barbecue on this incredible BBQ Pit which was trailered all the way from Tomball Texas.  Pete podcasts from home while he preps for a week long camping trip.  It must be summer!  Don’t mind the background noise like boats and rainfall!ClimateChaos

Pete and I talk the Leafs recent hire of Kyle Dubas, and their signing of Reimer, Franson and Booth.  Pete gives his predictions on the Habs’ fortunes this year and we discuss the merits of having an open mind when it comes to fancy stats.  We also give our Western Conference predictions for one team who gets into the playoffs and one team who falls out. This and much more.

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