Episode Henrik Zetterberg (140):Michel Therrien gets fired and Pete rejoices. Mike rants about Nyquist and Vermette suspensions.

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Episode Dougie Gilmour (93): Wideman Suspension Reduced. PK Subban Injury. Darnell Nurse Making Space.

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Episode Summary:

  • Dennis Wideman of the Calgary Flames has his suspension reduced to 10 games – after serving 19 games!  We talk about how bad this looks on the NHL and Mike disputes the arbitrator’s decision.
  • Pete explains why Michel Therrien will be back for Montreal next season despite the terrible results for the Habs this year.
  • Mike expresses frustration at the Oilers lack of progress and talks about the reputation Darnell Nurse seems to be building.
  • We compare our pre-season predictions to actual standings – Mike is pretty darn close.
  • We predict playoff winners if they started today.
  • Question Period – Did Steve Yzerman handle the Jonathan Drouin situation properly.

Intro / Outro Music Artist: Girls on Grass    Song:Drowning in Ego


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Episode Joe Juneau (90): Pete’s Back!!! Will the Habs trade PK Subban? Trade Deadline: who will be active?

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Episode Summary:

  • Pete tells about his illnesses and how good it is to be back on the podcast.
  • What would it take for the Montreal Canadiens to trade PK Subban?
  • It seems that PK and Michel Therrien can not live together – who will be the survivor and who will be voted off the island?
  • The Oilers are sinking fast and should be very active leading up to the deadline.
  • What other teams will be active either buying or selling.
  • The Tampa Bay Lightning announce that Stamkos is not going to be traded.
  • QP What rule would you change?

Intro / Outro Music Artist: The Flamin’ Groovies Song: Let Me Rock


Radko Gudas Hit

Therrien / PK Subban incident


Joe Juneau Hockey Reference Page


Proud to be a member of the Tangent Bound Podcast NetworkWicked Radio Network

New Poll: As discussed this week, who will coach the Habs when Therrien gets fired?