Episode Andrew Desjardins (169):Epic Season Preview!! Complete NHL Predictions for 2018!

On the eve of the 2017-18 season, Pete and Mike go through the entire league and predict the winners and losers for the regular season. Some bold, unexpected predictions are made!

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  • Should Penguins go to the White House?


  • NHL Predictions!
  • Western conference – why Dallas still sucks and Anaheim will fall!
  • Some big surprises in our predictions for the West
  • Eastern ConferenceOttawa was a mirage last year and why the Rangers will miss in the Metro, according to Mike.  Will the Habs make it in?
  • A couple of big disagreements and a couple of surprisingly similar predictions.


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Episode Nick Foligno (71): Stanley Cup Predictions. Preseason summary.

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Episode Summary:

  • Mike coaching Timbits
  • Raffi Torres up to his old tricks
  • Pete talks the Habs preseason and how he feels going into the the start of the NHL season
  • Mike Talks the Oilers preseason and what he thinks the ceiling is for this team
  • We go through the Stanley Cup brackets based on divisional predictions.
  • A few Listener questions answered in Question Period – Is 3 on 3 better than the shootout?  Should players be made to wear mouthguard properly?  Is McDavid the  best player in the league?
  • Shoutouts to listeners Mark Allred and Kyle Stephens
  • Some Geographic stats
  • ScuttlePuck sponsoring Quinte Red Devils AAA Players Bailey Matthews and Evan Morrison



B&G Hockey Podcast

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Episode Max Pacioretty (67): Haves and Have Nots in the Metro Division

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Episode Summary:

    • Banter
    • Chicago Blackhawks’ Patrick Kane case going to grand jury
    • Voynov in the hands of immigration – will the NHL be off the hook if he’s deported?
    • Will Cody Franson ever sign?
    • Is Taylor Hall the best roommate for Connor McDavid?
  • Metro Division breakdown – who are the Haves and who are the Have Nots in one of the NHL’s most competitive divisions


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ScuttlePuck Episode 11: NHL Eastern Conference Predictions. NHL Expansion?

In this week’s episode, Pete and I make our predictions for the National Hockey League’s Eastern Conference.  We also add a prediction based solely on last season’s Fenwick stats.  We discuss possible NHL expansion into Seattle and the sustainability of the Florida ScuttlepuckLogo_smlPanthers. The extraskater.com website went down this week and we speculate on reasons why.  The question for our listeners is who will win the Connor McDavid / Jack Eichel sweepstakes (ie. finish last in the NHL).  Send tweets using #scuttlepuck or email scuttlepuck@gmail.com.

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ScuttlePuck Episode 4 is Up!

Check it out – I was vacationing in sunny Sonoma California and took some time away from wine tastings and sitting around the pool to do a podcast.  It was before the UFA frenzy but Pete proved prescient.  Check it out here: Scuttlepuck