Question Period: How has Steve Yzerman handled the Jonathan Drouin Situation

Let us know what you think of Steve Yzerman’s handling of the Jonathan Drouin situation.

Has he alienated a potential star?

Has he put a prima donna in his place?

Has he devalued an asset?

Where do you stand on this issue?  What should Stevie Y have done?  Let us know and we’ll discuss it on this week’s episode of ScuttlePuck.

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Question Period: With your choice, what NHL Team would you play for?

For this week’s Question Period, tell us, if you could play for any NHL team who would you play for?  And, more importantly why?

What would you look for in your dream organization?  Would you look for a great city?  Great teammates? Smart leadership?  A good coach? A big paycheque? A chance to win the Stanley Cup? Let us know how you would select your team.

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ScuttlePuck Question Period

At the halfway point, who is your team’s, or the NHL’s unsung hero (most underrated player)? 

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Episode Andrew Shaw (65): SPECIAL GUEST Andrew Berkshire

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Episode Summary:

Links to some of Andrew Berkshire’s work:

Max Pacioretty is key to Canadiens’ transition game

Outside of Erik Karlsson, the Senators’ defence struggle

Galchenyuk Signs

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