Episode Mats Zuccarello (136):Is Carey Price human? Sedin gets 1000th point. Team of the Week: LA Kings


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Episode Andrew Shaw (65): SPECIAL GUEST Andrew Berkshire

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Links to some of Andrew Berkshire’s work:

Max Pacioretty is key to Canadiens’ transition game

Outside of Erik Karlsson, the Senators’ defence struggle

Galchenyuk Signs

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ScuttlePuck Episode 17: Oilers, Habs Preseason Games, Lightning Thirds, Goalie Analytics by Hockey Abstract, Johansen Update

Pete likes Tampa Bay Lightning‘s new thirds but Mike, not so much.  Mike goes in-depth on goaltender analytics and how they show who is better, Henrik Lundqvist of the New York Rangers or Boston BruinsTuukka Rask.  Also what they say about Marc Andre Fleury of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

We each discuss our favourite teams, the Montreal Canadiens and Edmonton Oilers and who looks good so far. ScuttlepuckLogo_sml

The Ryan Johansen contract hasn’t changed, other than the agent’s demands and we give our take on Gary Bettman‘s latest musings on expansion into Toronto.

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ScuttlePuck Episode 8: Leafs Hire Dubas, Mike does BBQ, Pete talks Habs

ScuttlepuckLogo_smlIn this week’s episode of ScuttlePuck, I podcast outside from the shores of Sturgeon Lake, while cooking up some Texas style barbecue on this incredible BBQ Pit which was trailered all the way from Tomball Texas.  Pete podcasts from home while he preps for a week long camping trip.  It must be summer!  Don’t mind the background noise like boats and rainfall!ClimateChaos

Pete and I talk the Leafs recent hire of Kyle Dubas, and their signing of Reimer, Franson and Booth.  Pete gives his predictions on the Habs’ fortunes this year and we discuss the merits of having an open mind when it comes to fancy stats.  We also give our Western Conference predictions for one team who gets into the playoffs and one team who falls out. This and much more.

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ScuttlePuck Episode 4 is Up!

Check it out – I was vacationing in sunny Sonoma California and took some time away from wine tastings and sitting around the pool to do a podcast.  It was before the UFA frenzy but Pete proved prescient.  Check it out here: Scuttlepuck


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