My Upcoming Events for Eastern Ontario

I will be hosting the following Executive Showcase events featuring LMI Canada’s Effective Personal Productivity process.  This process is helping thousands around the world get better results in their business and personal lives.  Click the links to learn more about the specific program.  Send me an email to to set up a meeting to discuss the details.


2014 August 28 – Belleville OntarioEPP

2014 October 8 – Ottawa Ontario

2014 November 20 – Belleville Ontario


Oh Great, Another Tip for Success…

It seems there are more and more people trying to tell us the secret to success.  How many “Top 5 tips from successful people” tweets can we take.

Sorry folks, there ain’t no secret.  Every successful person is a mixture of their own motivations, skills, habits, behaviours success_renjithkrishnan

You aren’t Jack Welch who isn’t Steve Jobs who wasn’t  Winston Churchill who wasn’t  Abraham Lincoln.

Figure out what’s in YOUR mixture.

Do the things that get YOU the best results with your mix.

Be successful by being YOU.

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