Episode Sergei Berezin (194):Author Kirk McKnight. Humboldt Broncos Tragedy. Sedin Brothers Retire.

We send our thoughts and love to the friends and families of the Humboldt Broncos this week. Kirk McKnight, author of the book “The Voices of Hockey” joins us to talk about the book and what it’s been like to be a hockey fan in Las Vegas this season. Plus, we discuss the Sedin Brothers’ retirement.

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  • Mike Meets Scott Wheeler
  • Feedback – Cam McLendon and goalie interference
  • Milestones – Luongo hits 1000GP
  • Who’s Hot / Who’s Not -Jets, Caps, Flames, Sens
  • DOPeS: A cross check to the face is as egregious as a subtle dive…apparently.
  • Kirk McKnight interview. Buy The Voices of Hockey here.
  • News: Sedins retire. In a Player’s Tribune article, Ken Dryden calls on Gary Bettman to make changes to head contact rules
  • Rathole -Twins

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Episode Josh Ho-Sang (166): Rob Vollman Author of Hockey Abstract Returns!

Rob Vollman, author of the Hockey Abstract and writer for NHL.com joins us to tell us what the stats say about teams and players  going into this season. Pete throws some Oilers trivia at Mike.

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  • Opening banter


  • Rob Vollman schools us on hockey stats and tells us what we should expect for the coming season. Click the here to order your copy of Hockey Abstract from Amazon or order directly from the Hockey Abstract site here.
  • The NHL changes the rules for offside challenges and icing.
  • The Athletic goes BIG!
  • Oilers trivia



Intro/Outro Music Artist: DeCreek


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