Episode Owen Tippett (174): Small Samples. Thomas Krulikowski. Hideous Olympic Sweaters. Florida Panthers.

Thomas Krulikowski joins to talk some puck.  We discuss the release of some gut-wrenching Olympic sweaters, early season surprises and go deep into the Florida Panthers.

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  • Terrible Olympic sweaters
  • Team Canada preliminary roster – will KHL prevent players from playing?
  • Belleville Senators with a home opener win
  • Florida Panthers – lots of goal, both for and against.
  • The NHL is a 50/50 league
  • Does success lead to confidence or does confidence lead to success?
  • canada-olympic-paralympic-hockey-jersey-red
  • Is Carey Price going to be okay?


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Episode Martin Brodeur (130):Mark Allred talks Bruins and Thomas Krulikowski on the Panthers. Carey Price loses it.

Carey Price Loses it.

Mark Allred of the Black N Gold Hockey Podcast talks Bruins.  Julien, Pastrnak, Marchand, Carlo.

Taylor Hall destroys Philip Larsen and the aftermath is ridiculous.

Team of the Week – Ottawa Senators – the most mysterious team in the league.

Thomas Krulikowski of the whyhockey podcast on the Gallant firing and the Panthers’ future.

Listener email.

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Episode Eric Lindros (88): Connor McDavid Returns!! Florida Panthers analysis with Thomas Krulikowski

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Episode Summary:

  • Mike welcomes Thomas Krulikowski back to ScuttlePuck
  • We deliberate on Pete’s rehab
  • Discussion of Carey Price and the fate of the Montreal Canadiens
  • All Star Game surprises with a fun, competitive event
  • Thomas presents a great idea for next Year’s NHL All Star Game
  • NHL.com gets a refresh, and it is not good
  • The NHL comes down hard on Dennis Wideman
  • Connor McDavid is still good at hockey
  • Deep Dive into the Florida Panthers surprising season
  • Question Period: If you could pick one NHL team to play for, who would it be?




Welcome Back Connor!

McDavid Between the legs attempt


Intro/Outro Music Artist: The Pleasure Kills Song: Mission Boy

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Episode Miroslav Satan (81): Special Co Host Thomas Krulikowski from WhyHockey.

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Episode Summary:

  • Thomas and Mike talk about coaching minor hockey and the annual silly season that hits in November / December
  • Pittsburgh fires Mike Johnston 
  • Are the Penguins in trouble?  Are Crosby and Lemieux fighting?
  • Thomas give his assessment of Florida’s performance so far this season
  •  Mike talks Oilers and their recent 5 game winning streak.
  • Lucky or Legit? Columbus Blue Jackets



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ScuttlePuck Episode 15: Special Guest Thomas Krulikowski from whyhockey podcast

Mike chats with the host of the whyhockey periodical podcast, Thomas Krulikowski (@tommykru06) from Glenmore PA.  Thomas talks about his minor hockey days in Pennsylvania, growing up a Flyers fan and why he has become a Florida Panthers fan.

Together we talk about the NHL’s new rule changes and why the trapezoid rule should be named after goaltending legend Dominic Hasek.  There are some interesting thoughts on the NHL’s attempt to extend accountability for player actions to coaches – will this lead to owner fines at some point down the road?

Mike digs into the Hockey Abstract for some preseason predictions on the Edmonton Oilers, Florida Panthers and Philadelphia Flyers.

Due to schedule constraints, Pete couldn’t join this podcast, but will return for Episode 16.

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