Defining the Work

If you manage people, I’d like you to consider the following.

1. What work are they paid to do? (Focus on the results you want, not the tasks they do)

2. At the end of the  week, month, quarter or year how do you know if the work is done?

3. At the end of the  week, month, quarter or year how do you measure how well it was done?

4. If you asked your staff these same questions, would they give you the same answers?

If your answer to number 4 is not a clear Yes, try this exercise.  Write out your answers to 1-3, then have your staff do the same thing.  Compare the answers.

Clarify as necessary until you agree upon exactly what results the company or organization is paying them for.  Now, start managing them by their success at getting the agreed upon results.

By defining and agreeing upon expected results, your performance reviews will be more about development needs for improved results and less about perceptions and personalities.

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