Goal Setting and Brilliant FedEx ad

If you haven’t seen the FedEx ad about sending “this box” to Germany.  Watch it here.


I find this ad very funny, but its true brilliance comes out when we look at it as a metaphor for the problem so many of us face in our businesses and in our personal lives.  We know where we are, we know where we want to go, but it’s that “fuzzy middle” that stops us from making consistent strides towards the goal.

This is where a good manager, mentor or business coach can help.  He’ll help you clarify the goal – “Are you sure you want the box to go to Germany?” He’ll help as you figure out a plan, bringing the “fuzzy middle” into focus.  And then, critically, he’ll help you stay on track when executing the plan – questioning, challenging and encouraging to make sure that you are taking the actions that will ensure you reach your goals.  He’ll make sure you get the box to Germany.

Who’s helping you figure out the “fuzzy middle”?



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