Everyone Can Do Better

You can do better.  It’s not a judgement.  It’s a statement of fact.

improve renjithkrishnan

Likewise, your business or organization can do better.  It doesn’t mean your business is bad, it means the potential of your business is limited only by the efforts of every employee from top to bottom to improve.

It comes down to attitude.  If we think we’re good enough, we stop looking for ways to do things better.  If we stop finding better ways to do things, we stagnate, and since others are improving, we fall behind.
Even if you gave 100% today, if you learn more about what you do, practice it, work at it and refine it tomorrow, you will be better at it.

Next week, with the improvements you make, your 100% will amount to more than the 100% you gave today.  How can you increase your 100%?

Image courtesy Renjith Krishnan / freedigitalphotos.net

About Mike Bonn: I offer Business Coaching Services and facilitate the unique LMI process to help individuals and organizations improve performance.  If you would like to contact me to learn more about my excellent services, give me a call at 613.743.5642 or send me an email: mbonn@lmicanada.ca.

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