Data Rich.

With all the data available to us in our organizations it’s so easy to get wrapped up in measuring everything under the sun and having hundreds of cool charts and graphs posted for all to see.  The data can tell us all sorts of wonderful things.

It can also distract us from the two most important things.  What is our ultimate goal? And, does the data tell us if we are getting closer to that goal? If you answer the latter with a “No”, trash it and find out what does.

It sounds simple, but if you don’t continually ask yourself and your organization these questions, you will almost assuredly end up tracking all sorts of data that does not tell you whether or not you are doing the right things to reach your ultimate goal.  You’ll end up with industrial wallpaper – charts and graphs digitalartgraphs posted everywhere that haven’t been updated for months, unless, of course, a customer or folks from corporate visited recently. Regardless, the data isn’t being used to move the business towards its goals.

On a regular basis, ask yourself and your work colleagues, how does this data relate to our goal?  Does the data show that we are moving towards the goal?  Is the goal we started with, still the correct goal?

By constantly challenging the usefulness of your data, you will filter out the noise, which will allow you to focus on the relatively small number of activities that actually get results.

About Mike Bonn:  I offer Business Coaching Services and facilitate the unique LMI process to help individuals and organizations improve performance.  If you would like to contact me to discuss any of my blogs, or to learn more about my excellent services, give me a call at 613.743.5642 or send me an email

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