Episode Tyler Ennis (163): Belleville Senators COO Rob Mullowney. Leon Draisaitl Signs and Oilers Fans Rejoice…kind of.

Belleville Senators COO Rob Mullowney joins us to talk about the process of starting a new AHL team.  The Oilers sign Leon Draisaitl and most fans are happy to have him, though some are not thrilled at the price.

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  • Pete has a fancy weekend in Niagara on the Lake.  Mike’s still tired from Saturday wedding. Game of Thrones ratchets up.

NHL 2115 copy.jpg

  • Leon Draisaitl signs for 8 years at $8.5MM.  Mike likes it, but others, not so much.
  • Amazing how Toronto media makes every story about the Leafs
  • Rob Mullowney talks Belleville Senators
  • Free Agents left available
  • Craig Button discusses why John Tavares should sign with Toronto for one year
  • According to Sportsnet, the iPad was the key to the Penguins success this playoff


Intro/Outro Music Artist: Sting Song: Desert Rose


Listen Here:  iTunes  Google Play  Stitcher  Direct MP3   iHeart Radio

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