Episode Boone Jenner (238): Ted Lindsay. Agitators vs. Enforcers. GM Meetings – Massive New Ideas! (Not really)

Ted Lindsay passed away this week. The GMs got together last week and had typically minor tweaks to discuss, while Bob Nicholson got all sorts of help on how to fix the Oilers. Inspired by an email, we discuss the role of agitators and enforcers. 

Ted Lindsay.

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  • Banter -Mike’s in Orlando where it is hot
  • Thanks to Steve Marowski for the email
  • Ted Lindsay passed away this week. 
  • The GM Meetings – what did they propose and what should they have proposed
  • Agitators vs Enforcers
  • Milestones
  • Hot  BOS/SJS/VGK Not OTT / LAK
  • Rathole – Ted Lindsay

Intro/Outro Music Artist: Flo. Rida Song: Our House

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