Episode Keith Primeau (255): Holland the Wizard trades Milan Lucic for James Neal.

Mike is back from rafting in Idaho and Ken Holland pulls a rabbit out of his hat in trading Milan Lucic for James Neal.  As part of our summer series, beyond the news, we explore some interesting ideas.  What cities would you waive an NMC to play in?  What sport has the biggest gap in skill between pros and average people? 

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From NHL.com

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  • Banter – shout out to Idaho rafting crew
  • News – Lucic plus a conditional 3rd for Neal- Ken Holland is a wizard
  • Name Kadri is open on 31 thoughts interview
  • What cities would you waive an NMC to go to? 
  • Leafs talk – what’s the deal with Mitch Marner?
  • Panarin interview – will there be repercussions?
  • Rathole  – OHL scoring leaders

Intro/Outro Music Artist: Jimi Hedrix Song: Freedom


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