Episode Andreas Athanasiou (272): Coaches Code of Conduct. Oilers Just Holding On. Leafs Leafing.

With more stories coming out about Mike Babcock and with Marc Crawford suspended, we discuss where is the line for coaches? A code of conduct for coaches is in the works. The Oilers are battling through injury to stay atop the Pacific and the Leafs are treading water under Sheldon Keefe

Photo courtesy Jason Skope

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  • Banter: Belleville Sens are improving despite low crowds
  • Check out @PuckDuty the twitter account that celebrates the noble tradition of puck duty.
  • Title Player – Andreas Athanasiou
  • Marc Crawford suspended until investigation into allegations completed
  • Elliotte Friedman reporting that NHL will implement code of conduct for coaches
  • Where is the line for coaches drawn now?
  • Taylor Hall being shopped actively and lots of talk of him going to Edmonton
  • The NBA came out with radical schedule proposal – should the NHL do something different
  • Betting Update
  • Leafs update – looked better for a few games, but tapered off
  • Oilers update – just holding on as 5 on 5 play without McDavid continues to be an issue
  • Hot / Not – 
  • DOPeS – Evander Kane and Ryan Johansen get parking tickets
  • Rathole

Intro/Outro Music Artist: Incubus Song: Make a Move

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