Episode David Pastrnak (288): ScuttlePuck Picks the NHL Awards! PLUS, We Simulate an NHL Tournament for the Cup!

COVID-19 has shut everything down, but ScuttlePuck continues on. We are assuming the season is over and give out the awards.  Some surprises in there. Also, Based on a suggestion from a listener, we run a full simulation of a March Madness-style tournament for the Stanley Cup. Chaos ensues. 

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  • Check out @PuckDuty –
  • Banter: The Rodecaster Pro Arrives!
  • Feedback: Ronnie Sanders
  • Title Player David Pastrnak
  • News – COVID-19 – Worldwide numbers 4 players test positive
  • Peter Chiarelli and revisionist history
  • ScuttlePuck’s choices for NHL Awards
  • Full 31 team, March-Madness Stanley Cup Tournament
  • Rathole 

Intro/Outro Music Artist: Outlaw Rogers Song: Quarantine

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