Episode Art Jackson (302): NHL Training Camps Open!!

The RTP and CBA were ratified Friday which means the NHL is back. Camps opened today.  COVID updates. Special Guest Don Moore from the What the Puck? segment for the Game On: A Podcast for Everyone

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  • Banter: Fishing weekend recovery
  • Feedback: Curtis Hill email – better ice in Canada but COVID gloating ain’t cool. Escrow whining and glad hockey is back.
  • Title Player Art Jackson
  • News 
  • CBA / RTP Ratified – Camps open today
  • CBA details – get your slide rule out
  • Olympics back
  • Guess the 5th one
  • Interview: Don Moore
  • NHL Schedule – holy hockey!

Intro/Outro Music Artist: Tub Thumping  Song: Chumbawumba

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