Episode Joel Ward (304): Seattle Releases the Kraken! Sean Tierney of ChartingHockey.ca Helps Us Preview the West Play-In.

Seattle releases the Kraken and reviews are generally positive. The NHL teams are in the Bubbles and it looks like the NHL is gonna make it. Sean Tierney from charting hockey.ca joins us to preview the Western Conference Play-Ins. 

Jeanine Leech/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

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  • Banter: COVID Projects, ATVs and damn is it hot. 
  • Feedback: Get your stickers! 
  • Title Player Joel Ward
  • News 
  • Seattle announce their team name and uniforms. Kraken isn’t a great name, but the uniforms are awesome.
  • Western Conference Previews with Sean Tierney of chartinghockey.ca 
  • Guess the 5th one

Intro/Outro Music Artist: The Hanson Brothers  Song: Hockey Night Tonight

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