Episode Teddy Purcell (307):NHL Stanley Cup Round 1 Update. Vegas has Blackhawks on the Brink. Rask Heads Home.

Round 1 is underway and there is lots to discuss. The Hawks and Blue Jackets are on the brink, the Stars and Flames look pretty even and the Islanders could sweep the Capitals. In the Boston series, Tuukka Rask leaves the bubble for personal reasons and some fans aren’t happy. 

Lisa Gansky from New York, NY, USA

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  • Banter: Camping in Whitney
  • Title Player Teddy Purcell
  • Feedback: Adam Cairns from Scotland and Bradford Keaty from Colorado
  • News 
  • Rask Leaves the Bubble
  • Friedman stirs up the Leafs and Oilers markets with Marner and Klefbom talk
  • Penguins fire everyone but the coach
  • Series updates
  • Guess the 5th one
  • Some shaky calls in the playoffs – is bad refereeing bad for the league?
  • DOPeS
  • Rathole

Intro/Outro Music Artist: Agnostic Front  Song: Gotta Go

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