Episode Alexandre Daigle (327): NHL Games! Doyle from the Broadstreet Bully Podcast.

The NHL season has started and it has already been a roller coaster for Oiler and Leafs fans. The Flyers are on a high after beating the Penguins twice and Doyle from the Broadstreet Bully Podcast tells us why Flyers fans are optimistic about this season.

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  • Banter: Carbs and Drywall
  • Title Player Alexandre Daigle
  • Feedback and Stickers – 24 Beau’s Lugtread.
  • NEWS:
  • Leafs fans have given up on Frederik Andersen
  • Oilers fans are up and down based on McDavid. Still some wobble in the team game
  • Tyson Barrie is still learning to play with McDavid
  • Evander Kane Bankrupt
  • GUEST: Doyle from Broadstreet Bully Podcast
  • Jake Voracek goes off on Mike Sielski in postgame
  • Couturier status
  • So much optimism – is it warranted?
  • Guess the 5th
  • Stanley Cup predictions
  • DOPeS – Jared McCann hit on Sanheim
  • Auston Matthews gets cross checked but that’s normal
  • Rathole

Intro/Outro Music Artist: Hanson Brothers Song: Hockey Night Tonight

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