Episode Metro Prystai (330): Pete Wood Reunion Episode. NHL Screws Up in Classic NHL Fashion.

Pete Wood joins us to talk about his Habs and the NHL season generally. The Blue Jackets get a raw deal when the NHL blows a goal call against Carolina. 

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  • Banter: Winter Weekend fun
  • Title Player Metro Prystai
  • Pete Wood
  • NEWS:
  • Blue Jackets get screwed by bad coach’s challenge call that got handled poorly
  • COVID issues continue to build
  • Montreal Canadiens are rolling and Pete gives his take
  • Guess the 5th
  • Leafs are looking good
  • Oilers continue to have goalie problems
  • DOPeS – parking tickets 
  • Hall of Fame – Colorado Avalanche

Intro/Outro Music Artist: John Sebastian Song: Welcome Back

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