Episode Ulf Samuelsson (332): Outdoor Games in Lake Tahoe are Spectacular.

The NHL played two games in Lake Tahoe and they were easily the most scenic games ever played. Debates have started about who should win the Hart trophy with Auston Matthews and Connor McDavid being the prime candidates. 

Getty images

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  • Banter: The boys are a little rough today
  • Title Player Ulf Samuelsson
  • Feedback – Lots of stickers
  • NEWS:
  • Lake Tahoe Games
  • Katie Strang Article about the Arizona Coyotes causes a stir
  • Reverse retro sweaters in action. Some look good…some not so much
  • Hart trophy discussion
  • Guess the 5th
  • Who’s Hot Who’s Not
  • DOPeS – nothing to report
  • Hall of Fame – Dallas Stars

Intro/Outro Music Artist: Taio Cruz Song: Hangover

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