Episode Keith Brown (342): Dynamic Duos – A Comparison of the NHL’s Top Offensive Pairs.

McDavid / Draisaitl are an incredible pair, but so are Matthews and Marner as are MacKinnon and Rantanen. Who is the best and who has the best supporting cast? 

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  • Banter: Kids home from university and new cars 
  • Title Player Keith Brown
  • Feedback
  • NEWS:
  • Ryan Miller retires
  • Cassie Campbell criticizes Nova Scotia premiere
  • TNT gets the second NHL TV contract
  • McDavid / Matthews both having historical seasons
  • Dynamic Duos – how good are these pairs and what does it say about their teams?
  • Guess the 5th
  • Playoff Races
  • Who’s Hot / Who’s Not
  • Rathole

Intro/Outro Music Artist: Great Big Sea Song: Rant and Roar

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