Episode Todd Gill (354): Seattle Expansion Draft. Amateur Draft. Free Agent Frenzy.

The Seattle Kraken officially draft their first roster, the amateur draft goes through without a hitch…and then the Canadiens made their pick and all hell broke loose. And then Free Agency happened and it was a veritable frenzy. 

Toronto Star

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  • Banter: Cottage week for Dale, and travel for Mike. 
  • Title Player Todd Gill
  • Seattle Expansion Draft gets leaked and then the show is…well not good. 
  • The Canadiens steel the the show at the amateur draft, but not in a good way. 
  • Evander Kane is in a spat with his estranged wife and she accuses him of gambling on his own games
  • Guess the 5th – Reverse Edition
  • Free Agent Frenzy – Oilers made some major changes. The Leafs nibbled around the edges.

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