Episode Kris Versteeg (358): Rookie Camps. Main Camps. NHL Hockey is Back!

The Rookies are playing games and main camps for the NHL open this week. It’s an exciting time of year and everyone is optimistic that it will be, relatively speaking, a fairly normal season. 

Photo via nhlpa.com

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  • Banter: Election Day. Some big changes in hockey media.
  • Title Player Kris Versteeg
  • Feedback – Stickers handed out at Fenelon Falls
  • News: Rookie camps are open and main camps open this week.
  • Jack Eichel will report to Sabres pre-camp physical
  • Oilers news – injuries at rookie camp and key signing
  • NHL COVID-19 update – Bill Daly reporting 99% players vaccinated
  • Heritage Classic Sabres vs Leafs
  • NHL Draft Montreal July 7-8
  • Jonathan Drouin
  • Guess the 5th
  • Evander Kane speaks out about gambling problem
  • Shanahan is under pressure but is committed to the Shanaplan
  • 32 Thoughts interviews with Scheiffele and Dubois

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