Episode Mike Grier (383): NHL Playoff Race Shuffles. Why is Media Pissy About the Hart?

Auston Matthews is scoring at a torrid pace as he sets new goal record for the Leafs. Playoff potentials are narrowing down as the matchups are getting shuffeld daily. 

Getty Images

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  • Title Player Mike Grier
  • Feedback – David Huyben
  • News 
  • Matthews at 58 Goals, McDavid at 108 points. 
  • Why does the media hate the Hart Trophy?
  • Doug Wilson steps down
  • Ryan Getzlaf retires 
  • NCAA Frozen Four
  • Isobel Cup
  • Guess the 5th
  • Playoff races 
  • DOPeS – Cizikas 1 game and couple of parking tickets
  • Hot / Not
  • Crazy Stat of the Week

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