Episode Matt Cooke (398):Author Sean Mitton On the Summit Series. Mike Explains Why Jersey Ads Are Bad.

Author Sean Mitton joins us to discuss his new book, “When Canada Shut Down” which tells new stories around the 72 Summit Series. Nathan MacKinnon becomes highest AAV player in NHL. Why jersey ads are so bad. 

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  • Title Player Matt Cooke
  • Feedback 
  • News
  • MacKinnon signs for $12.6MM for 8 years
  • PK Subban, Zdeno Chara and Keith Yandle retire
  • Leafs and Habs show ads for their jerseys and it’s as horrible as you might expect
  • Oilers sign Jake Virtanen to PTO to much outcry
  • Sean Mitton interview – buy his book here
  • Guess the 5th
  • Western Conference predictions, 
  • Crazy Stats


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