Episode Valeri Bure (400): 400th Episode!!! NHL in Full Swing. After 2 Games It’s All Decided.

t’s our 400th Episode and, well, it’s just another day at the office. The NHL schedule is in full swing and it seems after 2 games, every team’s fate is decided and we have all the answers.

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  • Title Player Valeri Bure
  • Feedback  – some nice congrats on 400
  • News
  • Ron McLean shows that he indeed jumped the shark years ago
  • Ian Cole suspended for 2 games and now back to playing. Is the NHLPA even operating?
  • Leafs and Oilers have goalie controversies
  • Guess the 5th – a good one
  • Digital Boards
  • Why are NHL players so far behind in endorsements? 
  • Crazy Stat – 

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