Episode Brad McCrimmon (403):Tyler Yaremchuk from Daily Face-off. Goalie Controversy in Edmonton and No Goalies in Toronto.

Dale is away so we brought in Tyler Yaremchuk to bring us up to date on events around the league and in particular, around the Oilers. The Bruins inexplicably, sign Mitchell Miller. 

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  • Title Player Brad McCrimmon
  • Feedback
  • Tyler Yaremchuk joins the show
  • News
  • Mitchell Miller
  • What’s going on in Toronto
  • Will Josh Anderson be suspended for hit on Pietrangelo.
  • Jack Campbell is struggling – Tyler gives his take on things in the Oilers net
  • How is McDavid doing it?
  • Oilers have mediocre underlying stats – should we be worried?
  • New Jersey continues to tear it up and they seem to be legit.

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