Episode Rejean Houle (408):Merry Christmas! Ovi Hits 800. World Juniors Back When They Should Be.

Ovi hits 800 goals and will pass Gordie Howe soon. Is he really the greatest goal scorer of all time? We discuss the Florida Panthers as they are underperforming but is something wrong or are they fine? 

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  • Title Player Rejean Houle
  • News
  • Ovi gets 800 goals
  • Bergeron gets 1000 points – Bruins do a nice pre-game
  • Board of Governor meetings – Bettman talks about playoff play-ins and the salary cap 
  • Should the NHL rename their trophies
  • Oilers
  • Leafs
  • Guess the 5th
  • World Junior – how is Canada shaping up?
  • Team of the Week: Florida Panthers
  • Hot / Not
  • Crazy Stat
  • DOPeS – Marchment fined for diving
  • Reaves hit – should he have been suspended?

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