Episode Walt Poddubny (422):First Round Update: Bruins and Canes in Control. Are Refs Bad or are Our Expectations Too High?

First round in full swing and the Bruins and Canes are living up to expectations. The rest of the series are 2-1 and there is a bit of everything going on. Every fanbase seems mad at the refs, are they that bad or are expectations ridiculous? 

Graig Abel/Getty Images

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Episode 422


Title Player Walt Poddubny – conncect to Jon Tavares

Walt Poddubny – 89-90 Devils Brendan Shanahan -> President of Leafs Tavares


Lots of injuries, targeting of key players – Pavelski, Ekblad, Cernak, Hedman, Krejci, Bergeron, Teravainen – 

Wes McAuley – is conflict of interest with Keefe an issue? 

Don Cherry was right – no one is watching to see linesmen – drop the puck!

Officials are like traffic cops

Guess the 5th

Playoffs Series


Leafs 2 / Lightning 1

Huge OT win – O’Reilly goal late

Game got nasty


Given up 14 on 31+37+27 = 95 shots 85.2%

Bunting suspended 3 games

Tavares with hat trick in game 2

Hedman / Cernak out

Marner getting all the love

Matthews – not a huge factor so far

How did they call that Corey Perry goal in? In review referee says review showed it completely crossed the line – what? https://youtu.be/wcBghqg4s5s

Bruins 3 / Panthers 1

Bergeron / Krejci out but Bruins prevail

Hurricanes 3 / Islanders 1

High stick non-call in Carolina game – Mike Rupp breakdown on Twitter

Islanders 4 goals in 2:18 in game 2

Devils 1 / Rangers 2 

2 5-1 games

Devils dress rookie goalie Schmid and win game 3


Oilers 1  Kings 2 

Some very dodgy penalties

OT winner – review inconclusive – tough one

Kings playing rope a dope 

Yamo passenger

Diving by Kings

Woodcroft – rattled in post game

Wild 2 / Stars 1 

Wild alternating goalies – will they go with Gustavsson for game 4?

“Wild” swings – 3-2 Wild, 7-3 Stars, 5-1 Wild.  

Dumba hit on Pavelski – dirty? legal? 

Avalanche 2 / Kraken 1

Kraken keep pushing back when I expect them to fold

Kraken win game 1, then up 2-0 in game 2 but Avs come back 

Jets 1 / Golden Knights 2

Comeback to tie 4-4 in game 3 but lose in OT


Jets big win in game 1 

Is Broissoit good enough?

Crazy Stat


Bunting  3 games https://www.nhl.com/news/maple-leafs-michael-bunting-suspended-3-games/c-343697644?tid=277549076

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