30 Day Challenge Update – Day 7

7 Days in and still going.  It was a little difficult being away camping and then at a cottage, but I managed to get my exercise in, do my reading, affirmations, healthy breakfasts and wake up without hitting snooze!

The toughest part, I think, is not hitting that snooze bar, but I’m glad when I’m up and exercising.  I love the reading part, because I have a stack of books I want to read and by taking 20 minutes each morning I’m making great progress.  Right now I’m reading Crucial Conversations.

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A Challenge!

I’ve read so many “Top 5 things…” articles (and heck, I’ve written a few too) that I tend to ignore them, but this was tweeted out by my brother today and I highly recommend you read it and then do it.  It’s simple, fundamental things that we can all do to get a little better every day.  Test yourself and see if you can do all 5, every day for one month, starting tomorrow.  See how you feel at the end.  I’m in and will Tweet my results each day.  If you’re with me, Tweet, Share, Comment, Like, whatever, just let me know and let’s have some fun!

http://m.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/small-business/sb-growth/day-to-day/five-surefire-ways-to-maximize-your-life-starting-this-morning/article19887206/?service=mobile&click=sf_globefb …

Observations from a Morning Run

I went for a run for this morning for the first time in quite a while and made the following observations:

I feel really great during and after a run.

Running clears my head of all the noise, clarifies my thoughts and focuses my mind.

The Tragically Hip, Sloan, The White Stripes and Arcade Fire have brilliant lyrics.

I live in a truly beautiful part of the world.

-5 to -8 degrees Celsius is the best temperature for a run.

It’s fun to wave at strangers who drive by. It’s more fun when they smile back.

The Arcteryx Beta AR is an amazing piece of outerwear.

People litter too much.

Winter is a beautiful season.

Running is good for my spirit. I will do it more often.