Episode Sami Vatanen (245): Leafs Are Out – Does Babcock Survive? Round 2 Predictions.

Round 1 is complete and it’s the year of the underdog. With the Leafs bowing out early, is Mike Babcock done as Leafs’ Head Coach? Will Dubas be able to sign Marner and if so, what will he cost?   Controversy in the San Jose / Vegas series. We look at the Round 2 series.

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  • Banter -shoutouts and Mike is on the Blue Jays bandwagon
  • News – Stone, Murray and Tavares commit to Team Canada
  • Oilers GM Hunt update – Hunter, MacCrimmon, Burke seem to be favourites
  • Trophy Finalists announced
  • Leafs lose in game 7 again. Is Babcock done as Coach of the Leafs? Will they sign Marner?
  • Sharks win huge comeback victory in controversial circumstances around Eakin hit on Pavelski
  • Stars beat out Predators
  • Carolina wins in 2OT to  move on
  • Round 2 Updates
  • SJS 1 COL 0
  • NYI 0 CAR 1
  • DAL 1 STL 1
  • BOS 1 CBJ 1
  • Milestones
  • Rathole

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Episode Michael Grabner (240): Bob Nicholson Blames Tobias Rieder for Oilers Situation. Mike Babcock Stirs It Up in Toronto.

Bob just before his foot was firmly planted in his mouth.

Bob Nicholson blames Tobias Rieder for the Oilers lack of success this year. What does this tell us about the Oilers’ management’s line of thinking? Elliotte Friedman chooses Toronto to troll this week by speculating on issues between Mike Babcock and Kyle Dubas. 

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  • Banter -Mike’s in California and sees Kareem Abdul Jabaar! Dale is back home in Stirling enjoying the cold
  • Bob Nicholson tells season ticket holders that it’s all Tobias Rieder’s fault
  • Is there a problem in Toronto?
  • Bruins continue to rip it up
  • Playoff races
  • Milestones
  • Hot  / Not 
  • DOPS are busy
  • Rathole – Ice markings

Intro/Outro Music Artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers  Song: Out In L.A.

Episode Jonathan Bernier (145):Marchand on Fire. Will he win the Hart? Review of Hawks/St. Pats game.

In this episode we discuss the tight playoff battle in the East, and speculate on the Hart, Calder and Adams trophies. Mike attended the Leafs / Blackhawks game and enjoyed the chess match between Babcock and Quenneville.
  • Pete discusses One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
  • Playoff battles heating up – down to 3/4 teams in East and 3 in West


Intro/Outro Music Artist: Pipe Choir Song: Children of the Sun

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Episode Rick Nash (61): SPECIAL GUEST: Justin Bourne of The Score!

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Episode Summary:

Mentioned Articles / Links from Podcast:

Steven Stamkos: http://www.thescore.com/nhl/news/792851

Mike Babcock: http://www.thescore.com/nhl/news/755346

Beerability: http://www.thescore.com/nhl/news/441900

An Appeal for Change: http://www.jtbourne.com/a-potentially-royal-islanders-family/

Jeff Bourne’s Accessibility Initiative: www.bourneaccessible.wordpress.com

Questions from: @owtlawjb @tamarag42 @dalehoard 

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