ScuttlePuck Episode 14: Best and Worst NHL Sweaters, Krejci and Schultz Sign

In this episode, Pete and Mike get quite animated while discussing which NHL sweaters are there all time favourite.  The usual suspects are in the mix, – Chicago Blackhawks, Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers – but you are certain to be surprised by Pete’s off the board selection for all time favourite.

The Boston Bruins signed David Krejci to a long term deal and the Oilers signed Justin Schultz to a one year deal. We discuss both and give our opinions on whether they are the right moves for the respective teams.ScuttlepuckLogo_sml

It was like Christmas morning for Mike as his Corsi Hockey League T shirt, commissioned by the Hot Takery (@hottakery) website and his copy of The Hockey Abstract by Rob Vollman @robvollmanNHL, Tom Awad and Iain Fyffe @IainFyffe arrived.  The book is an amazing compilation of essays on how to apply statistics to different hockey questions.  We discuss some of the ones that caught the eye on a perusal of the table of contents.

We also announce an exciting addition to an upcoming podcast.

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