ScuttlePuck Episode 18:Bobby Ryan, Torey Krug, Reilly Smith sign. Boychuck, Leddy to Islanders. NHL starts this week!

ScuttlepuckLogo_smlThere was lots to talk about in the National Hockey League this week as we eagerly await the first regular season games on October 8!  Bobby Ryan signs a $7.25MM / 7 year deal with the Ottawa Senators while the Boston Bruins convince Krug and Smith to sign for discounts for one year to help with their cap troubles.  To get under the cap, they trade Johnny Boychuck to the New York Islanders who also pick up Nick Leddy from the Chicago Blackhawks. The Islanders look like they could make some serious waves in the Metropolitan division.

We make our Conference titles and Stanley Cup predictions. Who will come out on top?

The Arizona Coyotes situation was in the news this week as Andrew Barroway is looking buy 51% of the team.  This makes no sense unless other things are in the works…

We got new data on the countries from which people are listening to the podcast and it blew our minds! We ask listeners to send us an email or tweet at us from far away, exotic lands.

All this and much more.

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