Episode Kevin Weekes (180): Happy Festivus! Airing of Grievances. Christmas Wishes. World Junior.

Dale Hoard is back for Festivus and the Airing of Grievances. We also celebrate the Christmas season by giving our Christmas wishes for the rest of the season.   ScuttlePuck also welcomes a new sponsor, HealthIQ.


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  • Welcome to Title Sponsor, HealthIQ.com
  • the-tradition-content-begins-with-the-airing-of-grievances_1338542678_epiclolcom
  • Airing of Grievances – who has pissed us off this year!
  • Christmas Wishes – what do we want to see happen this season
  • World Juniors- anyone’s tournament

Listen Here:  iTunes  Google Play  Stitcher  Direct MP3   iHeart Radio

Intro/Outro Music Artist: Stompin’ Tom Connors Song: The Snowmobile Song

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