Episode Cooney Weiland (335): NHL Halfway Predictions Review. Draft Lottery Rules to Change.

Team of the Week – the hot New York Islanders. How are they doing it? Auston Matthews returns and picks up right where he left off, even if the Leafs have faltered.  The NHL looks to be changing the draft lottery rules. 

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  • Banter: Bass Pro and Syrup Making
  • Title Player Cooper Weiland
  • NEWS:
  • The NHL looks to change the draft lottery rules again.
  • Gary Bettman claims teams don’t tank but Mike Babcock has some thoughts on that
  • NHL announces new TV Deal with ESPN
  • Auston Matthews returns and keeps scoring
  • What do the Leafs need at the deadline
  • What do the OIlers need at the deadline
  • TSN Tradebait board
  • Guess the 5th
  • Team of the Week – New York Islanders
  • Who’s Hot Who’s Not
  • DOPeS – Dante Fabbro gets 2 games
  •  Odds for upcoming NHL games 

Intro/Outro Music Artist: The Pogues Song: The Wild Rover

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