Episode Dale Tallon (336): TOTW is the Mysterious Minnesota Wild. How are they doing so well? Does the NHL Points System Need Fixing?

The Minnesota Wild are the team of the week and they are a fascinating squad. How are they so good? And they are good. The NHL points system awards 3 points some nights and 2 points others. Does it need fixing? Also, the DOPeS dole out another charging suspension for an obvious hit to the head. Is there more to this? 

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  • Banter: New power tools and Spring has sprung. 
  • Title Player Dale Tallon
  • NEWS:
  • KHL player Timur Fayzutdinov killed by a slapshot in the KHL
  • Ralph Krueger fired in Buffalo. What is going on there?
  • Bruins postpone 2 games for COVID precautions
  • NHL.com writers think Patrick Kane is MVP. Mike has his objections.
  • Canadiens are a possession monster but can’t deliver offence. What gives?
  • Does the NHL points system need to change?
  • Guess the 5th
  • Team of the Week – Minnesota Wild. A fascinating case. No snipers, no high points getters. Worst PP in the league. Highest 5v5 G/60 in the NHL. How?
  • Who’s Hot Who’s Not
  • DOPeS – Carson Soucy 1 game suspension for charging? What?
  • Rathole – Bep Guidolin

Intro/Outro Music Artist: Katrina and the Waves Song: Walking on Sunshine

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