Episode Manny Legace (365): Do NHL Refs Hate McDavid and Why Is The Answer Yes? After 10+ Games Who’s Hot and Who’s Not?

Everyone, including John Tortorella, seems to be piling on McDavid for complaining about the refs, but is he really the one complaining and, if he is, does he have a point? After 10 games in we bring back the Who’s Hot and Who’s Not segment. As well, the DOPEs are back at it and we give our takes on a couple of suspensions. 

Image courtesy TSN.ca

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  • Banter: Deer Hunting and Belleville Sens
  • Title Player Manny Legace
  • Feedback – Atish Singh
  • Ovi tearing it up as Draisaitl stays with him. What’s wrong with Matthews
  • Jack Eichel trade and surgery 
  • Tortorella comments on McDavid
  • Bob Murray out as Ducks GM – toxic work culture
  • Jeremy Colliton out as Blackhawks Coach
  • Carey Price explains why he went on PAP
  • NHL won’t commit to helping John Doe 2
  • Guess the 5th
  • Hot / Not
  • Surprises
  • DOPEs
  • Rathole

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