Episode Bill Cook (366): NHL Leadership – Is It Time To Clean House?

McDavid scores another highlight reel goal. Despite some fans’ early consternations, the Maple Leafs are the hottest team in the NHL. Penalties are down across the NHL and it has Mike shaking his head. 

Photo: Canadian Encyclopedia

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  • Banter: Getting things done in prep for winter
  • Title Player Bill Cook
  • McDavid gets another unreal goal
  • The Flames are hot and Markstrom has 5 shutouts. What is it about Sutter systems that makes goalies good?
  • Leafs have won 10 of last 11 – are they better defensively? 
  • What is going on with Vancouver – what needs to change?
  • Guess the 5th 
  • Penalties down across NHL
  • Hot / Not
  • Amazing Stat
  • DOPEs

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