Episode John-Michael Liles (370): Paul Maurice Resigns as COVID-19 Rampages Through NHL.

Paul Maurice resigns unexpectedly from the Jets and gives a masterclass press conference. The NHL is limping along with COVID-19 causing many postponements and teams being shorthanded. 

photo: bostonbruins.com

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  • Banter: Kids home for holidays
  • Title Player John-Michael Liles
  • Feedback – Power Play question
  • News – Paul Maurice resigns unexpectedly 
  • Covid-19 – NHL announces no cross-border games until after Christmas
  • Olympic announcement coming soon
  • Gretzky vs Ovechkin 
  • Guess the 5th
  • World Junior starts in a week
  • Crazy Stat of the Week
  • DOPEs – Spezza suspension reduced

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