Episode Tony Hrkac (371): NHL Returns After Extended Christmas Break.

The NHL is back after extending the Christmas break. The World Junior Championships were cancelled and the Oilers are reeling. What is in store in 2022? 

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  • Banter: Christmas Break
  • Title Player Tony Hrkac
  • Feedback – Leonard Waters 
  • News – The NHL took a break on Dec 22 and returned on Dec 28 to a limited schedule
  • Many games still being postponed including Montreal
  • Winter Classic – brr cold
  • IIHF Cancels all tourneys in January including the U20 Mens
  • What if schedule can’t be completed
  • Guess the 5th
  • The NHL after Christmas
  • What story are we following in 2022?
  • Crazy Stat of the Week
  • Hot / Not

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