What If…

What if our organizations were run like NHL teams?

What if…

..our companies started each financial year with a precise understanding of what the goal for the year was

…every day, every employee knew how the company was performing relative to the goal

…each employee had clear metrics so they could see every day what their own performance was, and how it was contributing to the company’s goal

…after a great, productive day at work, thousands acknowledged it

…after an unfocused, unproductive day at work, thousands acknowledged it

… we paid our employees the most when they were the most productive – peaking between ages 34 and 45 and then gradually decreasing until retirement

mastery of a certain profession allowed one to achieve top levels of compensation instead of having to be promoted into management

… those who were most directly responsible for the revenues that the products bring in got paid the most money

… employees negotiated individual contracts for specified and relatively, short durations, and the final compensation was based predominantly on results

…these contracts were often negotiated by third party agents

…every employee knew what every other employee’s salary was

…employees performance was always watched and commented on by the media and the rest of the community

…most of the community cared about employees’ performances and had  strong opinions about who were the best and who weren’t pulling their weight

…companies  traded employees with other companies to acquire new skill sets or to give employees a fresh start, without necessarily adding to their salary base

…companies could send employees “back to school” (and, depending on the contract, pay them less) if their performance wasn’t acceptable or they needed more seasoning

…companies scouted universities, colleges and high schools for top prospects

…prospects who didn’t get job offers could get “tryouts” with companies to show their skills

I’m not suggesting that any of these items would be good or bad. It’s just something to think about.  Or, as a good friend of mine often says…”I’m not sayin’… I’m just sayin'”

Have a great Labour Day Weekend!



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