What’s in a name?

So, I’ve done a few blogs now, and had some great fun watching my stats – I’m up to 92 views now!  Feedback has been pretty positive, but I’ve had some comments on the name – “Work Doesn’t Have to Suck”.  Some felt it was pejorative and doesn’t speak to the right audience.  Some background; the name came to me about a year ago in a moment of inspiration at the company I worked for. As a senior manager, I was trying to figure out how to improve our culture, thinking about our challenges, and the general mood around the office and the line just hit me.  I immediately wrote it on my whiteboard and it’s stuck with me ever since.  When I think about why I’m doing what I do now, I pretty much always come back to it. Instead of being pejorative, I think it’s optimistic.  As individuals we can decide to have an attitude of engagement and enjoy what we do.  As Executives and Managers, we have the ability and responsibility to create an environment that fosters engagement and makes people believe in the importance of the work they do.  And so, I like the title.  Maybe a bit edgy, but I think that’s okay too.

Besides, I think that there is a very large group of people out there, many of whom are quite successful, who can relate to to the sentiment on some level. Case in point, I sent an email to a friend from high school who owns an architecture firm in California. I hadn’t spoken to him in years but we connected on LinkedIn so I thought I’d let him know about the blog.  His reply,  “I will check out the blog.  Though I think I disagree with the thesis.  I look forward to being enlightened.”  Perfect.

Through this blogging journey I’m on, I hope to provide some unique insights based on my experiences and the frame through which I view them.  In addition, hopefully I can provide some practical tips, advice, and get the odd laugh.  Above all, if I provoke some thought about how to improve performance on an individual and organizational level; mission accomplished.

Through the comments section, let me know what you think – about the title or anything else.  I’ll post more links to other interesting, fun, or informative blogs or sites I come across.  Get on board, and let’s go for a ride!


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