Episode Harry Howell (418): GMs Mull Rule Changes. Goalie Fight…Almost.

The GMs gathered for their regular meetings and considered several rule changes. Gary Bettman spoke as well and everything is just peachy. Marc Andre Fleury wants to fight Jordan Binnington but the linesmen won’t allow it. The mic’d up clip of Fleury is great. 

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Title Player  Harry Howell -> Connect to Marc Andre Fleury

Harry Howell -> 64-65 Rangers Rod Seling -> 78-79 Atlanta Flames Brad Marsh -> 91-92 Red Wings Sergei Fedorov -> 03-04 Might Ducks Dan Bylsma -> Coached 08-09 Penguins with Fleury – Stanley Cup Champions


  1. GM Meetings – possible rule changes
    1. Curb fighting after big hits – enforce instigator?  271 fights, 89 after clean hits, instigator called 21 times – hesitant to call because 17 minutes of penalties.
    2. Video review of inadvertent high sticks
    3. Video review for pucks over glass

Do we want more video review?

4. Extend OT to 7 min being considered

5. Salary cap expected to go to $83.5 from $82.5 – players still owe $100MM from covid

6. Players sitting for “trade related reasons” – Bettman says “That’s something we’ll keep an eye on,” Bettman said. “We don’t know if it was a one-off. Clubs have a lot of discretion as to when to play their players. … We saw more of it this year than we’ve ever seen before. But we’re not ready to say it’s a problem.”

7. Playoff format – Bettman says it’s fine

8. Expansion rumours – “not on the front burner right now”

Jeff and Doyle want everyone to know that they are still podcasting as the M&P Flyers Podcast

Binnington and Fleury non-fight. 


Guess the 5th

Playoff Picture – as of today

West – Nothing close to set since everything so tight. CGY/NSH can displace WPG, EDM or SEA

Atlantic – TOR vs TBL set. All other series could change. FLA is most realistic team that could displace Islanders.

Hot/ Not

Metro NJD 6-2-2 / PHI 2-7-1

Atlantic BOS 7-3-0 / DET 2-7-1

Central MIN 7-0-3 / CHI 3-6-1

Pacific LAK 8-1-1 / SJS 1-6-3 (everyone hot all of a sudden)

Crazy Stat

DOPeS -Binnington 2 games


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